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The Relationship timeline

The Closr app creates a relationship timeline on all your contacts with notes, voice memos, calendar events, encounters, calls, mail and text messages. That way you will always be up-to-date with where you last met, what you talked about and any other important information you choose to add.

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We've been helping people remember since 2015.

Since the launch of Closr back in 2015 we have been helping people to remember important things about people they meet and events they attend. And thanks to that - closing more deals!

Wouldn't you like to have all the information about where you last met, what you talked about and who else was there - every time you meet someone you know you should remember at an event? Or even on the street?

This is exactly what the Closr app do.

In 2017 we also added gamification for sales teams with our Closr Dashboard (Closr for Business). Set your individual- and team goals, then let our automatic coaching push your sales team to collect awards and badges for sales activities you choose. If you are already using the Closr app, then just register your team and invite your colleagues to get started. You can even do it from within the app.



App installs

Closr are helping personal and business users every day to remember important things about people they meet. And to close more deals.

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registered teams

The Closr Dashboard (Closr for Business) has now been used to gamify more than 200 sales teams since launched in 2017.

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We love it that people from all around the world are using Closr and Closr Dashboard to improve their relations and close more deals. 


About Closr

'Closr - Sales and relations' is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. The Closr app is free for personal use, but to use it with Closr Dashboard (in a sales team) you need a subscription plan starting at $20 per team member and month.


notes, voice memos and photos

Add your own notes containing text, voice memos and photos to a contact and it will be arranged in a sorted timeline. That way you can always stay one step ahead and prepare for the next meeting with that person. It's the small details you remember that makes the big difference.


relationship timeline

The relationship timeline is an aggregated view of the last 30 contacts that you've had any sort of interaction with. Any event, action or added content will be in the list for quick access when you run in to some one. Closr also automatically creates a list with those contacts at the top of the app.

calendar meetings and encounters

Closr automatically imports all your meetings from your smartphone calendar (when matching an attendee in your contacts). Then adds them to the contact's timeline. If you just run in to someone unscheduled at en event, just add encounter and quick note and it will be added too.


Track sales activities (with closr dashboard)

Use the action buttons for call, mail and text message on each contact to manually track the number of interactions you have with someone. Your sales meetings are automatically added from the calendar so you can track them too on the Closr Dashboard. Gamify your sales team today!


October 2017

Closr has helped me so many times when meeting someone I know I've met to before. A quick search on that location and voila! The contact timeline saves the conversation.

Nicklas Dunham, CEO at Dunham Entertainment Agency

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