Add notes, voice memos and last-met locations on all of your contacts, and get help remembering all of it with notifications for iPhone and Watch!

With the ever growing amount of contacts and connections, in your phone and on social networks, Closr helps you to organise and use your contacts in a new and innovative way. Like a smart notebook connected to the contacts, that gets even smarter the longer you use it and the more of your friends that starts using it. By allowing you to add any information fast and easy by text or voice, and then combine it with the cloud-based information from social networks Closr really gets you closer to your contacts.

Never again forget who, when or where

Just click "Meet now" on a contact, and it will save time, location and who else is there to remind you the next time you meet. And you will also get reminded about the notes from your last conversation. You can actually even sort your contacts depending on when and where you met them, where they live, where they work, what they do, or when you added them.

And speaking of meetings, when Closr detects a meeting or an event in your iPhone calendar it automatically gives you your latest notes and some quick updates about the people you are going to meet.