Nearby & Conversations

Connect with people at your next event.


Start a conversation with people nearby

Browse and find people near your current location. Use it at your next event to connect with people nearby and to start interesting conversations.

You can also search for specific companies, names and titles to narrow your list of interesting people you'd love to chat with.

Send out and receive electronic business cards

Activate the Nearby-functionality in the Closr app, update your own electronic business card, and then you're ready to network like a pro at your next event, meet up or dinner party!

IMPORTANT: Your contact data will not be visible to other users as long as you don't actively choose to send them your electronic business card. The same was as if you were actually giving out your physical business card.

Track your progress on the Closr Dashboard

Sent and received cards are tracked on the Closr Dashboard, as well as meetings and encounters. this means you get a real-time overview over all the connections your sales force are making during conferences and events all over the world.

And it gives you the advantage to act on it instantly.