No, this is not another mobile CRM tool. Closr is a networking and PRM tool that mainly focuses on relations, not numbers. But it will definitely help you close more deals.


Improve your relations with Closr

Closr helps you to get closer your contacts in a new and innovative way!

By allowing you to add notes, voice memos, photos and last-met locations to your contacts in a timeline, and then combining it with the cloud-based information available from connected social networks, Closr really delivers on the promise to get you closer to your contacts. 

And to close more deals!

Search contacts based on how you remember them, when you last met or where

With Closr you can search, sort and find specific contacts by how you remember them. Search names, companies, titles, locations, any specific notes you have added, associated contacts, etc.

And best of all. If you're tired of searching, Closr organizes your contacts for you and automatically sorts them based on when you last met, or your current GPS location.

MEETINGS - Get notified about the people you are meeting, and freshen up on your latest notes

Get all your reminders and upcoming calendar events in a timeline view, then get notified 15 minutes before each event about the people you are going to meet.

Closr automatically scans your iPhone calendars for events connected to attendees that's in your contact list.

Never forget anything important again.

Start a conversation with people nearby - send your business card

Browse and find people near your current location, start a conversation and send out your business card to add them to your contacts in a fast and innovative way. Just activate NEARBY, update your own electronic business card, and you're ready to network like a pro at your next event, meet up or dinner party!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your contact data will not be visible to other users as long as you don't actively choose to send them your electronic business card within a conversation. It's actually just like giving out your physical business card. It's sustainable networking made easy.