Frequently asked questions.


Is the Closr app really free? It's a great tool for independent sales people like me.

The Closr app is free because we love to help sales people (and actually anyone who needs help remembering important stuff) all over the world to improve their business relations and to close more deals. And we love to hear about how the app helps people do just that! When you use Closr Dashboard for teams, there is a subscription for that. Read more about Pricing here.

The Closr app asks for all sorts of permissions when installing! Are you guys uploading my contact book anywhere?

Stay calm! We are not uploading your contacts anywhere. We only ask for permission so we can read your local contacts and show them in the app. Same thing with your phone's calendars. We do however save all the data you choose add through the app (notes, etc) connected to our service. When using Closr Dashboard, all contacts and data connected to your selected leads are uploaded so that you can share that information with other team members. Read more about Privacy here.

Can I use the Closr app without using Closr Dashboard?

Yes you can! The Closr app is a great and free mobile CRM-tool for sales people. Add notes, voice memos, images and locations to create a timeline on each contact. This way you will always remember when and where you last met and some quick notes from that occasion before walking in to the next meeting.

I would like to have a sales performance dashboard on a flat screen TV at the office to show everyone our current activity level. Can I do that with Closr Dashboard?

Yes, as long as your sales team are using the Closr app. Then every interaction (calls, mails, meetings, etc.) means a real-time update of the charts on the dashboard. You can also see the geographic whereabouts of your team on a map.

Can I run sales competitions with Closr Dashboard?

Yes, of course you can! If you have a sales team using the Closr app, then you can measure all the basic sales activities such as calls, meetings, mail - as well as encounters (when you run in to someone on the street or at an event) and sent/received electronic business cards. You can set up both team goals and individual goals.

How do I set activity goals in Closr Dashboard?

When you are logged in to your Dashboard, go to Settings to set your activity goals. Goals are set per member and week. You will always see the total team goal to your right. These goals is used for calculations on the Dashboard, Awards and in the automated coaching through mail and push.

Can I use Closr Dashboard without using the Closr app?

No, unfortunately you can't. The only way to get information on the Dashboard is through the Closr app.

My meetings don't show up on the Closr Dashboard, why?

The Closr app checks your phone's calendars for meetings every time you open the app, and then try to match them to contacts on your phone. If there is a calendar event with at least one accepted contact attendee it will be shown under MEETINGS in the app menu, and when the meeting starts - also on the dashboard.

I'm calling like crazy but still there is nothing happening on Closr Dashboard, why?

It is important to understand that all the interactions that you want to be tracked should initiate from within the Closr app. Always tap on the "+" icon to add information and/or start a tracked interaction (call, mail, etc.) on the Dashboard.

How can I use Closr Dashboard with Slack?

When you are logged in to your Dashboard, go to Settings to enable the Slack integration. With this integration in place you get automated daily follow up reports on "Number of Contacts Reached", as well as notifications about your team's awards and badges. This is a nice way to visualize your sales force and their achievements within the company.

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