Closr Dashboard

Real-time analytics, coaching and gamification for sales teams.



Organize your customer interactions on a real-time dashboard to visualize the members of your sales team and your current sales activities. The dashboard will automatically update itself on meetings, encounters, calls, mail, text messages and even new connections (sent and received electronic business cards) when your sales force are using the Closr App.

Awards, badges and goals

Set personal and/or team goals, then watch your team get awarded for their sales activities with daily badges as well as competing for the bigger team awards. This is sales made fun with with the use of gamification and an interactive score board filled with familiar faces.

Team members

Add members quick and easy by sending them a Smart link that instantly connects them, and their Closr app to the team dashboard. Then you have the complete breakdown on important KPI's and numbers of each team member at your fingertips.

Active coaching with mail and push

Automized weekly activity reports and daily performance e-mails, combined with push technology for badges and awards keeps your team focused on their goals.

Integrates with Slack

Closr Dashboard also integrates with Slack so you can visualize selected key metrics within the whole company in a channel.