Closr App

Improve your relations and close more deals

Available for iOS and Android

Leads & global timeline

Leads & global timeline

Contacts reached and your relations timeline

Closr will automatically create a list with your recently reached contacts (leads) at the top of the app. As soon as you have any kind of interaction with someone, they will be in that list.

The relations time is an aggregated view of all your contact timelines and shows all your added content, as well as all the actions you've made connected to your leads. This could be anything from a note or voice memo, to a call or a meeting.


Contact timeline with notes, encounters and actions

Add notes containing text, voice memos and photos, as well as encounters (last met location, for example when networking or running in to people at events) to a contact's timeline.

As soon as you add anything to a contact, they will automatically be visible in 'Contacts reached', and considered a lead.

Also use the app to track actions such as calls, mail, text messages and meetings on your team dashboard.

Contact timeline

Contact timeline

Record notes, voice memos

Record notes, voice memos


Calendar meetings are automatically imported to the timeline

The app automatically import all meetings from your smartphone's calendar and adds them to the corresponding contact's timeline.

Then add text notes, voice memos and photos to your meetings, helping yourself to kick ass att the second meeting/follow up.