Closr App

Improve your relations and close more deals.

Add notes and track your interactions on the Contact timeline

Add notesvoice memos, photos and last-met locations (encounters) to your contacts on a timeline as well as automatically importing all your phones calendar meetings to the mix.

Then use the app to track your interactions such as calls, mail, text messages and sent/received electronic business cards on your team dashboard.

As soon as a contact pops up in your calendar the Closr app tells you where you last met and refresh you on any notes from that meeting.

Search for people based on how you remember them.

With Closr you can search, sort and find specific contacts by how you remember them. Search names, companies, titles, locations, any specific notes you have added, associated contacts, etc. Use your own imagination.

And best of all. If you're tired of searching, Closr organizes your contacts for you automatically, and sorts them based on when you last met them or your current GPS location.

Closr app connects to your phone contacts and calendars

Closr automatically scans your iPhone calendars for events connected to attendees that's in your contact list.

Get all your reminders and upcoming calendar events in a timeline view, then get notified 15 minutes before each event about the people you are meeting.

Never forget anything important again.

IMPORTANT: All your contacts stays on your phone and are not uploaded anywhere. Only the information you add (notes, locations, etc) are stored in our Cloud.